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Rs 12 Core for Tourism Development of Nasik

Rs 12 Core for Nasik

Nasik Tourism Development

A Gift of Wellness Center to Nasik near Igatpuri

Special Town Planning for Tourism Development

Studio apartments – a creative vision of comfort!



Travel to a destination that persuades you to stay there forever; for its comfortable living. E&G Green Court exhibits lavish studio apartments for you. In spite of being surrounded by Sahyadri Mountains with the fresh cool breeze to inhale and scenic beauty to admire, one such corner of E&G Green court you shouldn’t miss having a sneak peek are beautifully designed and magnificently decorated studio apartments. These fully furnished apartments define excellence and comfort. With a mesmerizing view of lush greenery at one end and luxury at the other end of the apartment, these are a sure-shot possession for heads who are searching for a comfortable second home. Buy or rent these modishly crafted apartments, whatever suits your pocket.

These lavish cut outs have 560 sqft of built up area and 506 sqft of carpet area to make your stay pleasant and satisfactory. Wake up to the sweet sound of chirping of birds and sip the morning tea observing the beauty outside. If you are famished and itch for hunger, order for sumptuous breakfast and a thirst quencher from our wide variety of cuisines. Go for a swim in the nearby pool or have a hot bath for a refreshment. If you long for a relaxing body massage, our services are open for all at the spa center. The trained staff will treat you with gratification and you can also choose the best-suited massage for your body. Break out in a sweat and whip into shape at a well-equipped gymnasium. The recreational activities at E&G Green Court are just around the corner for these apartments. Loosen up and stretch to your maximum, these recreational activities are worth an experience!

The studio apartments are designed in a way to accomplish the need of modern amenities and comfort. From exclusive bathroom fittings and accessories to a cushiony bedding, all your luxuries have been taken care of. Build your second home worth living for and worth investing in!

A call for the adventures



The clear, cloudless blue sky hovering upon you opens the idea of slamming midday sundown as you ride down the Western Ghats to the banks of the River Vaitarna. E&G Green court that lies on the lower portion of this dam makes it an abode for adventures that includes white water river rafting, rappelling, trekking, fishing, etc. The gentleness of water and the beauty of nature around let your fondness for the place raise to a notch higher.
While heading towards a relatively lesser known river rafting location, you will be undoubtedly thrilled at the prospect of an adrenaline rush you might experience.

Beginning of priceless memories


After experiencing a strenuous journey of a workaholic, your heart forces you to go on a refreshing vacation to fill your body with energy boosting agents. Such agents can be excavated at E & G Green court where the mood of the place speaks volumes about its serenity.

For some happiness is about looking at the beautiful sunrise emerging from its deepest mountains and oceans; while for some happiness is catching up on some deprived sleep in a cozy cushiony bed. Some might enjoy a coffee date with your loved ones at a mountain top restaurant and some might just want to get drenched under the continual flow of rains in a chilly weather. There are times when you just want to lethargically sit in some corner of an artistic garden to admire butterflies fluttering around seamlessly or enjoy the success of completing an adventure at the peak of a mountain. Get pampered at a Spa Center or work rigorously in a gym or even perform yoga exercises with fresh wind gushing over your face, your wishes of a gratifying holiday will be fulfilled here at E & G Green court. This place is all about satisfying your mind with the most basic pleasures that life offers you.

Let priceless memories be originated at Green court and be captured in your heart for it to be with you forever. An opportunity to explore your inner self for a peaceful mind, body and soul can be obtained here. Come and experience the soulfulness of the place!

Koroli hill station – a ride to a joyful expedition

When you desire to explore a place in and out, you got to visit Koroli Hill Station. Taking a joyful ride of 30 minutes from Nashik to Koroli, you will experience the best of climatic conditions from strokes of a sun to oodles of dewdrops. Nashik being a religious place, you can excavate places like Pandavleni caves, Sita Guffa, Trimbakeshwar, Anjeneri mountain for some adventure to add to your to-do list. Later go on a quest to Koroli Hill Station where blending with the beauty of nature makes you feel at peace.

The architectural beauty of E&G resorts, located at Koroli, allures you to further explore the place. The 2 and 4 BHK villas are comfortable and designed to bring you back to basics to help you relax and take in the surrounds. From dawn to dusk, this place is full of adventurous activities. No time for monotony to cloud upon you. Adventure and sports activities like Mini Golf Course, Cricket Pitch, Badminton, Basketball Court, Horse Riding, boating, etc. are way to keep you occupied at any time of the day. Community amenities like garden, library, cafeteria and a club house are a source of full filling your basic needs. To keep you in best of shape, dedicated health and fitness areas like gymnasium, swimming pool, etc. are made available. Ample of outdoor activities like river rafting at Vaitarna lake, rappelling at the steep mountains of Koroli and trekking at the nearby hillock makes your holiday an adventurous one!

One of the significance of Koroli Hill Station that entices a person to make frequent visits here is its characteristic weather. For quite a few, a pleasant weather is a joy in itself. The climate here might deviate from plesant during the day to cool during the night. While traveling back from an exhilarating holiday at E&G Green Court, take a route that uncovers the cloudy and chilly climate of Igatpuri. Mumbaikars are sure to love the wintriness of the place!
Get a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of the city you live in by simply taking a halt at Koroli Hill Station. You are sure to have a memorable experience at E&G Green CourtE&G_Green-Courts_1400-X-600_02!

Luxury of owning a villa at E&G Green court


Coordinating holidays with professional commitments can often be the most challenging part of taking a much deserved and needed vacation. Availability of rooms in hotels at your favorite destination can be a tedious task at hand. We, at E&G Green court, offer you a one-stop vacation for your entire family where you can simply own a villa and make it your second home to visit at a well-suited time. These desirable villas can be a zone of tranquility for you whenever you want to delve into the sheath of nature.

A romantic date at the restaurant on the hilltop can be crafted as the most memorable moment for honeymooners. To add to the excitement, an exhilarating adventure might give you or your children a much-neededimage_2017-01-23_20-24-39 adrenaline rush which serves as a survival modus operandi till your next vacation here. Relaxation techniques are quite easy to judge here; can either be a stress-free spa or simply admiring the beauty of natural surroundings in your vicinity. This vacation can be an eye-popping scenario for a nature lover, an adventurer or simply a photographer.

The staff at Green court comes from an experienced hospitality background who will leave no stone unturned to make you feel at home. Our team is here to make your stay pleasant and memorable. We look eagerly look forward to your next vacation, to once again, serve you the best!

Koroli hill station – A stay in paradise

Are you looking for a holiday home far away from the hustle and bustle of the city and at the same time, get entertained too? E&G Green Court at Koroli hill station is the place! This place offers furnished villas which can either be rented or bought as a property to invested in. A perfect weekend getaway for your family and friends is at koroli. It is just two and a half hours from Mumbai and 45 mins from Nashik. So travel less and enjoy more!

The significant point of buying or renting the villas at koroli is that it has the picturesque view of sky-rise mountains and an impending waterfall at the backdrop of these villas. Seek pleasure in the glory of natural beauty carved around the villas and in the lap of mountains where these villas reside. This unbounded territory in a lush green forest will leave you mesmerized and rejuvenated to its maximum! Order for a cup of hot tea and delicious breakfast from the coffee shop at the hilltop and admire the nature around.

Koroli hill station is in accordance with adventure lovers who can indulge themselves in the most thrilling activities like trekking, rappelling, rock climbing at the steep mountains, cycling in the woods or even river rafting at the vaitarna lake. Children can indulge in indoor-outdoor activities provided at E&G Green Court like swimming, cricket, boating, horse riding or simply watch a movie at the amphitheater. Spa at the resort offers you a wide range of treatments for a perfect rejuvenation and relaxation of your muscles.

So let’s gear up for some fun at the koroli hill station, where nature meets adventure!


Nasik Development is on fast track – Rs 36912 Cr package for Nasik

Recently Honorable Minister Mr. Nitin Gadkari inaugurated KONSHILA samarambha at Nashik.

Central Government of India had approved a package of Rs 36912 Core. Collectively for Nasik

Under this tender below major National highways will be converted to 4 lane roads. Roads under developments are

  1. National Highway no 6
  2. National Highway no 52
  3. National Highway no 848
  4. National Highway no 160
  5. National Highway no 48
  6. National Highway no 60
  7. National Highway no 3
  8. Godavari River Bridge

After this development of infrastructure traveling time get reduced and there will be easy traveling with road options to travel from Nasik to Mumbai and vice versa.


Homes | Second Home |Weekend Home Project | For sale

Home | Second Home | Weekend Home Project Near Igatpuri & Mumbai

E&G Green Courts Weekend home project

Weekend Home project :

Welcome to the embodiment of Love, Joy, and prosperity. Fully private and delightful location Koroli Hill Station, formally E&G Green Courts an endeavor by E&G Global Estates Ltd. A symbol of prestige.

E&G Green Courts weekend home project is a right place, to recharge your senses, escorted by E&G Global Estates Ltd.We initiate a step ahead to connect with nature.Our weekend home / Second home project E&G Green Courts is located on the bank of lower Vaitarna backwater, surrounded by Sahyadri Mountains, in Igatpuri.

E&G Green Courts are developing weekend home / second homes at Koroli Hill Station. Nearest tourist’s spots to E&G Green Courts are Shirdi Sai Baba temple, Bramhagiri, Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple, Sula Vineyards, Dugarwadi waterfall,Anjaneri the birth place of lord Hanuman,Vipashhana center at Igatpuri.So come and enjoy a  privilege of one of the best destination which redefines your relations and without disturbing to the luxurious life.

The project E&G Green Courts – Koroli Hill Station is in the vicinity of hills, rivers, and reverse waterfalls along with proximity to the cities Nasik, Igatpuri & Mumbai. The location lets you create life long memories with your accommodation at your own villa as a weekend home or second home with immense pleasure.

Life at E&G Green Courts :

E&G Green Courts offer you a luxurious lifestyle through its resort operational partner ZONE by THE PARK Hotel. It will be a unique opportunity for you. A project of Weekend home – second home with luxury living style at E&G Green Courts - Koroli Hill station will give you feel of relaxation and untwine your senses,Connect you with nature. Nowadays weekend home – second home is a need to detached from busy and tiring work schedule of the week. Let's have a break to enjoy your own place to revive which will let you develop an environment full of yours.

Though you are living in the heart of nature in your own weekend home / second home, E&G Green Courts offer you spacious, leisure & luxurious lifestyle with fully furnished 2BHK & 4BHK villas and studio apartments. It lets you feel your comfort alike your home.E&G Green Courts Koroli Hill Station have amenities Clubhouse, Gym, Private and common pool, Yoga hall, a separate play area for children and much more.

E&G Green Courts Koroli Hill Station is a place to unwind your stress and fills your enduring life peace with fun. Our weekend homes, Villas, and studios allow you to find some more time to revive your mind and body  & spend a good time with family. All the villas allow you to have great amusement experience.

Let's come and enjoy the joyous excursion of E&G Green Courts – Koroli Hill Station which is now a favorite destination for small picnics, boating, and rafting, trekking & mountain climbing as well as other alike sports activities.

A Rs. 317.50-crore plan for Nashik

A Rs. 317.50-crore plan for Nashik

A Rs. 317.50-crore plan for Nashik


In our last post, we told you that Nashik topped as India’s best tourist friendly city. Today we are excited to share with you the State Governments initiative towards the tourism of Nashik.

The Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) has sketched out a Rs. 317.50-crore programme to push tourism in the Nashik revenue division. Out of the total Rs. 317.50 crore, Rs 126 crore alone has been allotted for various tourism projects in Nashik district.

Under the plan, the projects that will be developed in Nashik city will be:

>the Someshwar temple

>the Gangapur dam

>the Godavari river and

>the Godavari Kund.

Apart from that, the plan for Trimbakeshwar includes the Dugarwadi waterfall, Srikeshtra Kapildhara, Jyotirling temple, Prayag Teerth, Bhatsa and Darna dams, Teertha Kund and Vani.

Igatpuri plan will focus on the Vipassana Meditation Centre, Ghatandevi temple and Kavnai temple. Kalsubai temple, Nevasa, Shirdi, Puntamba, Navnath, Bhandardara,Devgad, Shani Shingnapurand  Mohatadevi and  will be developed in Ahmednagar.

The rationale behind developing these spots is that people, who visit Nashik, also visit these places. The aim of these development projects is to promote Nashik’s tourism potential and promote them for the forthcoming Kumbh Festival.

E&G Global Estates’ premium construction of holiday homes can ensure that you not only own a piece of Nashik but also earn valuable return on your investment. For more details get in touch with us via email: sales@eandg.in or visit our Website: http://eandgglobalestates.in